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Don’t hesitate! Even if you don’t see mold, a full assessment can help you determine if fungal spores are growing in your home!

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Expert Mold Inspections for Your Home

Investing in a safe & healthy home? Invest in a professional mold inspection from Home Inspections Authority.

Suspect mold lurking in your Southern California home? Breathe easy again with a comprehensive mold inspection from Home Inspections Authority. Our certified professionals identify hidden threats, deliver accurate results, and offer detailed reports, empowering you to protect your family’s health and safeguard your property. Schedule your inspection today and invest in a safe, healthy home you can trust.

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Why Choose Home Inspection Authority?

CREIA certified Inspector with 30 Years of experience in the home industry combined with countless hours of home inspection continuing education credits and courses regarding the 5 major systems of your home. Using the latest home inspection tools like Thermal Imaging, Aerial Drone and CrawlBot Technology, Home Inspection Authority has the knowledge and the tools to perform your property inspection.

As Owner & Inspector, my priority is to you, my client and my goal is to ensure your families safety by providing a thorough, non bias inspection of the 5 major systems of the property and the properties general condition at the time of the inspection. My monthly continuing education as a CREIA certified inspector keeps me on top of changes in the home inspection industry which allows me to pass on that information to you and your family to help you make a informed decision on your real estate transaction. After the physical inspection is completed IO will go over my findings with you and advise you if any safety hazards are present and or if any specialist inspections are needed before the end of your inspection contingency period and the close of escrow.

Trust Southern California’s Home Inspection Authority.

Home Inspection Authority Southern California Residential & Commerical Inspections CREIA
  • Certified & Professional

    Certified CREIA Inspector Member # 0155263

    Certified Residential Thermal Imager Monroe Infrared

    NAMRI Certified Mold Inspector: National Association Of Certified Mold Inspectors

    NSPF Certified Pool Inspector: National Swimming Pool Foundation

  • We have the tools

    We use cutting edge technology advanced inspection tools including Aerial Drones, Thermal Imaging and Crawlspace CrawlBot.

  • Quality Report

    Comprehensive Easy-to-read Inspection Reports: Home Inspection Authority uses the most current modern inspection software in the industry to provide you with the best inspection reports. Your realtor can create request for repairs right from our software to save time.

  • Follow-up Support

    Service after the inspection: It is important you understand the results of our inspection report, We are here to answer any questions you have about your inspection report to better help you understand what is a safety hazard, maintenance item or a recommended upgrade or what may need immediate attention by a qualified licensed professional contractor.

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