Client Reviews


Houri S. Avatar
Houri S.
5 star rating
If you want to have peace of mind, choose this company for your home inspection. John is very knowledgeable and patient. Don't think twice.
Thalia D. Avatar
Thalia D.
5 star rating
Always super confident when recommending John for home inspections. Professional and thorough to the nth degree! Thank you for always bringing your A-game when we need you!
David L. Avatar
David L.
5 star rating
Definitely want to give a shout out to John Laforme of Home Inspection Authority. He has always been my go to for home inspections. Always on time, reasonably priced, and never misses a thing. I use him for home, mold, sewer, and pool inspections. He is very professional and is also very knowledgeable on every aspect of the inspections. I highly recommend John anyone buying or selling a home that requires an inspection. Thank you for all your help John!
Arthur V. Avatar
Arthur V.
5 star rating
Great guy and very knowledgeable. I didn't expect to learn so much from him regarding the home. There were so many things that he pointed out which now gave me a list of future projects. I highly recommend this company!
Bugsu O. Avatar
Bugsu O.
5 star rating
I almost never write reviews but I was so impressed with John's professionalism I couldn't help myself! John is very through with his inspection. He charged for 1 hour but he spent around 2 hours to inspect the 2 bedroom apartment less than 1000 sqft that I am planning to purchase. After his inspection, he pointed out the issues one by one and explained in detail in layman's terms. He is a true professional and an honest great guy. Highly recommend him!
Peter G. Avatar
Peter G.
5 star rating
On time, professional , knowledgeable and to the point. The report is easy to understand and detailed. I sent out the report to contractors and let them bid away.


Ali Bagheri Avatar
Ali Bagheri
It was a pleasure working with John Laforme as my home inspector for two different properties. His expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the entire process, exceeding my expectations at every turn. John's meticulous attention to detail shone through. He thoroughly examined each property, leaving no stone unturned. This comprehensive approach ensured I received a complete picture of the properties' condition, giving me peace of mind. John's ability to educate me throughout the process was invaluable. He patiently explained each step, highlighting areas of concern and offering insightful explanations. His clear and concise communication made it easy for me, a novice, to understand the complexities of home inspections. John's flexibility and responsiveness were truly impressive. He readily accommodated my tight schedule, scheduling an inspection for the very next day after my call. He even went above and beyond by delivering a detailed report, complete with photos and explanations, on the same day of the inspection. This level of commitment to customer satisfaction is exceptional. Without hesitation, I highly recommend John Laforme to anyone seeking a professional and knowledgeable home inspector. He is truly the best in his field and deserves the highest praise.
Melissa Serrano Avatar
Melissa Serrano
John was of great help and was very detailed through two home inspections. The first home we made an offer on, John found a lot of issues with the house. That house was no good. When we were blessed to quickly get another offer accepted on our new home. We told our realtor to hire John again for this inspection. He again did an excellent job. Very detailed, thorough and explains things in basic English. We hired him for both home inspection and sewer line. The sewer line is something everyone skips over, but it could be pricey if anything happens. For a couple extra hundred dollars - having John check the sewer line is also very important. It can save you thousands of dollars later on. After going through two inspections with John we learned so much. Now we can’t help, but notice little things that John showed us when we look at other houses or go to someone’s else house. We highly, highly recommend John.
Kelly Nguyen Avatar
Kelly Nguyen
John is so professional and nice. Super efficient and knowledgeable. I met John through a referral and I would totally recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection. Whether you are first time homebuyer or reoccurring, an investment is so important and having a good inspector is as well.
Elin Schwartz Avatar
Elin Schwartz
Working with John is such a pleasure. He is so professional, always on time, communicative and a real expert. We have used him now for three different houses. The report he issues is well organized and full of useful information. Highly recommended.
Hope Street Funding Avatar
Hope Street Funding
I had the pleasure of collaborating with John during a recent real estate purchase transaction in Northridge, CA. John's meticulous site inspection and thorough understanding of the property was instrumental in ensuring seamless and transparent real estate acquisition. His comprehensive report was easy to comprehend and quickly delivered within 24 hours of inspection, significantly expediting our review process. Thus, allowing me to meet the deadlines as stipulated in the purchase contract; as a broker/buyer's agent and lender, this is critical. I operate under strict purchase and loan contingency deadlines. John's firsthand knowledge and acute attention to detail empowered my buyers to make confident, well-informed decision. His professional conduct and readiness to address any concerns significantly eased the home-buying process for my client, making it more reassuring for all parties involved. As a mortgage broker and real estate agent, I highly recommend John to anyone in need of a reliable and knowledgeable property inspector. Carlos Campos, MBA. Director of Lending/Real Estate Hope Street Funding & Realty
Alin Glogovicean Avatar
Alin Glogovicean
John is extremely knowledgeable and understands many different aspects of homes very well. He knows how to explain each situation so anyone can understand what is happening and what needs to occur in order to fix the problem. I am very grateful for his service and expertise. He always delivers!!