Indoor Air Quality Testing

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Indoor air quality testing is our most requested service add on while performing a home inspection for piece of mind before moving into a new home. If you or your family have sensitivities to air quality this sampling/testing service may detect any elevated spore levels in the air caused by visible or hidden mold. This service should be performed if inspector observes any water or moisture stains or unidentified odors in any areas of the home or if seller has disclosed past or present leaks or moisture intrusion conditions in building.

Surface And Air Sampling Information

Surface sample collection identifies what types of mold are found on a surface. Air sample collection identifies what types of mold spores are in the air and quantifies the amounts of each type. Air sample collection requires a minimum of two samples collected in order for the third party laboratory to have an outdoor control sample for comparative analysis. The indoor mold spore levels in your home should be similar to or lower than those in the outdoor environment.

(Minimum of 2  Air Samples is required for any home or business if air sampling service is requested). The square footage and layout of any building will dictate the number of samples recommended, this will be determined by the inspector onsite and a sampling protocol will be presented to you, you can then decide how many samples you want taken over and above the minimum of 2.

Surface samples are also available and will be included in the sampling protocol if visible mold is observed at time of inspection. Surface sampling only does not require air sampling however inspector will recommend air sampling in order to provide you with a through inspection/testing service.

(Indoor air quality testing is outside the scope of a general home inspection and NOT included, It is offered as an additional service for a fee).

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