Home Inspector in Glendale, CA

Home Inspection Authority provides all-inclusive home inspection and sewer inspection services to all our clients throughout Glendale, CA, and surrounding areas. With years of experience, our skilled technicians prioritize safety and utilize state-of-the-art equipment on each inspection. We will also answer any questions you have about our services, our process, or anything else you want to know. Contact us to schedule service.

Home Inspection

We provide thorough general home inspections to identify safety hazards, potential costly repairs, or situations in which further specialist inspections are needed. As a CREIA-certified inspector, our clients can have peace of mind knowing that all five major systems of your home will be completely inspected. These five systems include electrical, plumbing, roofing, HVAC, and foundation. Once Home Inspection Authority’s inspection is complete, our technicians will discuss our findings with you and offer you a digital report, along with photos for reference.

Sewer Inspection

Although often overlooked, your sewer lateral drainpipe is one of the most important systems of your home. Home Inspection Authority’s sewer inspections are crucial for detecting possible breaks or cracks in the pipe; pipe offsets; vegetation root intrusion; obsolete pipe materials due for replacement; and more. All our inspections are completed with full color cameras and our clients receive a detailed report of our findings, along with a video of their sewer system for reference.